My family has had a great experience at Sugar Plum Tree.  My daughter went there for 3 years and my son is in his 4th and final year there.  The absolute best part about Sugar Plum are the outstanding teachers/caregivers.  I don’t have first hand experience with the current caregivers in the Acorns class, but much experience with the teachers in the Sprouts, Discovery and Koala classes.  Simply put, they are amazing!  They all take such an interest in each child and they do an exceptional job of preparing them for Kindergarten, both behaviorally and academically.

Another fantastic part about Sugar Plum, is the access to the full size gymnasium upstairs.  It is huge and it is perfect for letting the kids get all of that energy out!  The kids get experience with scooters, bikes, tricycles, etc. at a young age.  Both of my kids started riding 2 wheel bikes without training wheels at age 4.

The facility and the billing technology could use a little updating, but the outstanding teachers and the warm, welcoming environment make up for it.  I can’t imagine my kids going anywhere else.