My son has been going to Sugar Plum Tree for 3 years and it has been the one constant since we moved to Park Ridge. We can rely on them to care, teach and provide him many learning experiences so he can become an independent little boy, ready for kindergarten. They helped him learn to talk more with wonderful songs, colors and shapes in Acorns, drink out of an open top cup, potty training & clean up after himself (lunch and toys) in Sprouts, learn all his letters, numbers, writing, follow direction, independence and more in Discovery and Koala classes. Each classroom has an appropriate teacher-student ratio with colorful, private rooms each with their own personality. And during the pandemic, they have kept each child and staff member safe with their rules to protect and keep the mask mandate since the kids are too young to vaccinate.

Mrs. Waters and his pre-K teachers have supported our son in most his special ed needs by allowing his private therapists to come to the school. He gets SLP & OT sessions in per week while aligning with his teachers to work with his therapists which help him transition from therapy back to gym or class time. This has been such a big help to know he is getting many of his needs met. Thank you Mrs. Waters, Lynn, Brittany and all his teachers for your help, support, learning and life skills for our son throughout these years!!!