Sugar Plum Tree School has been a blessing for our family. My son started when he was a little over 2 years old and now my daughter is attending school/daycare there as well. Every since my son started he has thrived! One day we were driving and he pointed at the stop sign and yelled, “Octogan!” – I could hardly believe my ears- he was barely 3 years old! The teachers and staff are very caring. I believe all are certified teachers or studying to be teacher – either way, they are patient and kind and love what they do. They are always taking the time to tell us about my son’s day and how he is doing.

The kids are active every day – either in the gym, out back in the fenced in private yard, or going on walks. In the summer, the kids can go to the local pool and park with the teachers and have a blast. My son is always excited to go to Sugar Plum – he is going to miss it so much when he goes to kindergarten in fall. My daughter just started this week and I would not have put her in this school if I did not think this little school was the best. It is. We had other childcare (grandma) for my little one that was great (and free) but we chose to have her start at Sugar Plum now that she’s 20 months. She will thrive just as my son has in the Sugar Plum Tree School environment – I have no doubt.

The school also has family nights for parents, siblings, grandparents etc to meet together and make friends. They have Mom’s Day in spring which is a special time for mom and child to spend some time with eachother and its so sweet! There’s also Dad’s day in fall. Every year the school puts on a circus with the older kids- it is adorable and the children have a blast!. We have made a lot of friends with the other parents – Sugar Plum provides a nice community for its families.

Not only have my children gone to sugar plum but so has my sister in law and cousin in law who grew up in Park Ridge. Mrs.Waters remembers them as well! This school has been a part of the community for upwards of 35+years. They must be doing something right!

I also love the location of the school. It is on a side street. No one can just walk in the school without having the code or ringing the bell so I feel extremely safe with my children there. The feeling that your children are in a safe and loving place is priceless. And speaking of price, the school is very reasonable for the amount of time and care they spend with the children, I shopped around – as most people do because, lets face it, childcare costs are equivilant to paying another mortgage when they are young. Sugar Plum Tree is worth every penny! and the value is there. I was lucky to have gotten my children in because they had openings at the time but they fill up fast. There are four classrooms and they want each child to recieve the care they deserve. All the parents we are friends with from Sugar Plum agree with us that this little school/daycare has been perfect for their family and could not be happier!