I have had both of my children enrolled at Sugar Plum Tree.  My daughter was first. I signed her up there because it came highly recommended from a friend of mine.  My friend was right, The teachers are amazing there and are always willing to go the extra mile with the children. I enrolled my Son at an earlier age (18 Months) because I knew how much he would learn from the teachers.  My son loves going there.   My son always brings home so many projects and He tells me about all of the activities he does every day.  My son is just turning 3 and he knows the months of the year and the days of the week already!   My son is so proud of himself. THANK YOU TO THE TEACHERS FOR CARING.   They also have a full size gym in the building so when it gets too cold out side they can still go in the gym and ride bikes and play with many various toys and still get exercise.  I am grateful that he had this experience so early in his life to learn so much!!  There is definitely a big sense of family at this Day Care.  I have been fortunate  to meet and know all of the teachers on a personal level because they are very friendly and pleasant.  I appreciate everything that Sugar Plum Tree has done for us and will always be grateful.