Our son has been at Sugar Plum Tree since we moved to Park Ridge from the city 2 years ago. He started in Sprouts, so I can’t speak to the Acorn (youngest) room but our experience with the teachers in Sprouts, Discovery, and Koalas has be excellent. As other reviews have mentioned the facilities and billing could use some updates, but the care the school provides more than makes up for it.

In our experience the school has the right mix of education and play. My son comes home excited to share the things he learned that day. There is a full size gym which allows the kids to get their energy out all throughout the year. When the weather is nice, there is a small outdoor play space and they also go on walks. Another thing that stands out is the field trips they take the children on. In addition to things like the pumpkin patch and Exploratorium, they take them to see plays. Watching my son make connection to stories we read and the plays he’s now seen is has been wonderful to see.

I can’t imagine sending my son anywhere else for preschool/daycare. I feel confident that he will be prepared for kindergarten next year. More than that, though, I know he spends each day with teachers and administrators that truly care about him. Useful Funny Cool